What hair color to have in the fall

Fall is here, with the seasonal shifts that take us from warmer months to cooler breezes inspires many to switch up their looks.  If you are contemplating making a hair-color change this fall and are on the hunt for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.  We have put together what we consider to be the colors to have this fall. There are a lot of gorgeous new hair trends to take advantage of this year.  Consider all the host of corals and vibrant reds that continue to inspire you.

What about a wearable pink hue that will suit all the trendsetters and shades of red that have taken center stage in this list of fun fall hair colors.

Experimenting with hair color never goes out of style, but this season is all about low-maintenance colors that will be easy to keep up with given ongoing social distancing practices (think balayage, natural-looking color, and highlights that grow out seamlessly).

fall hair

So whether you’re thinking that bronde is in your future or your ombré game needs a complete revamp, we’ve got the inspiration you need to channel your Kool & Gorgeousness.

There are two ways to approach your fall hair color appointment: You can opt for a subtle, low-maintenance tweak (in the interest of staying out of the salon for the next few months), or finally go for the big color change you’ve been mulling over since the start of quarantine.

fall hair colour

However you’re feeling about your current color-loving your natural roots or feeling drained by dullness — there’s a highlight or balayage trend that will serve as inspiration for a fresh fall look. From the chic new take on brunette balayage (meet chocolate chai) to bright-white platinum that will pop up on Zoom screens everywhere come September, read on to be inspired.

Chocolate chai.

The dark root color lends itself to the chocolate reference, while the swirls of chai are the painted pieces of pale brown placed around the hairline — but off the root — for low-maintenance, lived-in color.

Honey Copper

If you have black hair and are looking for a fall highlight that won’t go brassy in two weeks, consider a honey-tinged tone. A subtle honey highlight used in conjunction with a Shampoo cancels out orangey undertones and delivers a natural-looking warm highlight over dark hair.


We are already seeing many clients going for Platinum, either chunky face-frame highlights or light platinum. What about perfect icy-white platinum on a razor-short cut?

Golden Topaz

If the vibe you’re going for is rich fall color, golden topaz is it. There are two important factors at play: the soft highlight blending and glossy shine. For the former, consider a mid-light that connects your darker root color to the brighter ends and makes the tonal transition smooth, not ombréd. For the shine factor, consider at-home hydrating treatments, like Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector, to keep the golden tones shimmery. Though the overall effect of a golden topaz color might be solid from afar, a mix of different tones happening up close. You want a mix of golden highlights and copper mid-lights using your natural color as the base. The look is also pretty low-maintenance and easy to wear because everyone’s natural hair lifts warm.

Low-Maintenance Brick Brown

The color is the perfect option if you’re looking for a glow up but don’t want to sacrifice low-maintenance style — a trend we’ll be seeing a lot of this fall.


If you’re a blonde who wants to mix it up in the fall but also doesn’t want to have to deal with regular salon visits, you really can’t go wrong with a combination of brunette and blonde. This is a great way to go lighter without requiring tons of upkeep or damage to the hair. The highlights act as an accent and give the hair movement and dimension, rather than a drastic color change.

Deep Brown

You don’t need to take dramatic leaps in your color to change up your overall look. What about a toned-down brunette color that hits the right amount of shimmer under a sea of lights.

Honey Babylights

This fall and opt for a honey-colored babylights, if it’s good enough for Miss Lopez. Your hair will look natural and sun-kissed like you’ve been lying on the beach all summer.

Caramel Gold

This season, give yourself permission to ditch the darker hues and lean into fall hair colors that warm up your complexion.

Coral Copper

Since most redheads tend to fade very fast, this is a great color to play with when your hair is faded or after you’ve done some highlights, darken up your tone this fall.

September 24th, 2020