KG Hair Salon Ambassador Program

We are looking for a small number of people to help spread the word about why we do what we do at KG Hair Salon. We want ambassadors to help share our educational ethos, through our actions and results. Helping people achieve the hair of their dreams.

KG Hair Salon ambassadors

If you are chosen to be an ambassador to represent KG Hair Salon out in our community, you will have the opportunity to access all of the following:

  • Earn Commissions on each service you refer. (7.5%)
  • Access to free educational hair and product workshops.
  • Receive exclusive discounts on personal purchases both on service and retail.
  • Your referred customer gets 10% off their first service and 20% off their first product order.
  • Free products each month for top selling Ambassador (based on products).
  • Free services each month for top referring Ambassador (based on services).
  • Free products/services to trial and feedback on via social media.
kg hair salon ambassador program

Once you have been selected as an Ambassador, you only have to refer one client per two month to remain active in the program.
(Salon discretion may apply to waiver the one client per month).

What do we look for in our Ambassadors?

A social media presence. 

Ideally not only will you have an engaged following, you will also engage on other people’s posts. We are looking for individuals with a high-profile social media presence and personality.

However, we will support you with your social media activities with our own in-house Social Media mentor.

Ability to refer people.

For you to get the most out of this program you need to be comfortable referring services and products to all that know you both in person and on social media. Again, we have our own in-house mentor who can support and guide you in this process.

Professionalism is a must! 

KG Hair Salon is extremely professional as an ambassador you will be expected to be the same when discussing us in person or on social media.

Product Knowledge! 

We want you to know how to look after your own hair and what products are best for you. We can educate you on other hair and hair products in time. When in doubt simply ask or if the question is on social media.

June 7th, 2019