Balayage V’s Foilyage

Which one will give you the hair you desire?

Here at KG Hair Salon we like to keep up with the latest trends in hair. Balayage as we know has been around for decades and is experiencing a resurgence. However, there is another option available to you if Balayage is not for you.

Foilyage could be the solution to giving you the hair of your dreams. If you are naturally a dark colour, then balayage might not have sufficient effect on your hair to give you the desired look. This is where foilyage comes into its own, it’s a hair colour method that combines the subtle hair painting of balayage with the colour-intensifying power of foils.

Foilyage is a technique where the colour is painted on the hair, just like balayage, but then each painted section is wrapped in foils. This amplifies the effect, creating highlights that seamlessly become more and more vibrant as they transition from the roots down the strands. To give you an idea of how it looks, celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Miranda Kerr, or Khloé Kardashian, all have foilyage.

We are seeing the foilyage technique becoming more popular with our clients who have darker natural hair. The foil, which seals in the heat, helps the hair get lighter, then the balayage element allows for the transition between the two processes. With balayage, the colour is only contacting one side of the hair, which is why its results are generally so understated. This works beautifully for blondes and lighter-leaning brunettes. However why should dark brunettes and raven-maned people of the world miss out on hair of their dreams. When the hand painted sections are encased in foil, the dye reaches all of the hair’s surface, not just one side. The end result is soft, lived-in-looking hair colour that’s beachy, but still polished.

Of course, foilyage can be used on blondes and brunettes too.

What are you waiting for?

Have the hair you desire and book your foilyage consultation.

May 29th, 2019