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KG Hair Salon Cancellation Policy [wtr-time]

KG Hair Salon Cancellation/ No show Policy We are a local Nanaimo Hair Salon and we try our best to accommodate all that are requiring amazing hairstyles. However, to ensure we provide the best service possible and to protect the team at KG Hair Salon we have to have a cancellation policy. The policy considers […]

Read more April 6th, 2021

What hair color to have in the fall [wtr-time]

When you were a kid, were you always cutting the hair of your dolls or even siblings? Did you ever cut your own hair and the hair of your friends? Personally, I can remember cutting several of my friends’ hair, thankfully I have vastly improved since those days.

Read more September 24th, 2020

What To Look For In An Amazing Hairstylist [wtr-time]

Although many think balayage is a relatively new hairstyle, it has indeed been around for some time. With the help of technology and hairstylist pushing the boundaries, this timeless classic keep reinventing itself. I know from speaking to both clients and fellow hairstylist it is one of the most requested services in Nanaimo salons.

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OLAPLEX 0 [wtr-time]

Amazing offers from KG Hair Salon of Nanaimo. Take a look to see which one suits you best.

Read more September 4th, 2020

Fall refer a friend [wtr-time]

Refer a friend in October and you both get an amazing offer.

Read more September 1st, 2020

KG Hair Salon Appointment Protocols [wtr-time]

We are looking for a small number of people to help spread the word about why we do what we do at KG Hair Salon. We want ambassadors to help share our educational ethos, through our actions and results. Helping people achieve the hair of their dreams.

Read more May 9th, 2020